ICA is effective because its members are actively involved. 
Our mission is to enlighten, educate, serve, and support.  

The Awards Committee co-chaired by Emma Dedic and Michelle Becker, honors individuals and/or groups who have made significant contributions in corrections as well as memorials for corrections personnel that have passed away.   Award recipients are announced during the Spring Conference.   More . . . click




This committee, co-chaired by Alicia Caes and Jodee Glover, organizes, certifies and distributes certificates of credits as they are earned at trainings and conferences.

ICA has a Spring and Fall Conference each year.  Each conference is planned by its own committee, headed by a chairperson(s).  The conference has many sub-committees, the largest committees in ICA.   Conference chairs are selected by the ICA President.



This committee, co-chaired by LeAnn DeBord and Whitney Mann, ensures that the annual election of officers is conducted fairly, efficiently, and with integrity. The committee develops a voting package; ensures that the membership receives the package in a timely fashion, and ensures that the membership has had the opportunity to cast ballots at the annual Spring Conference, where the election results are announced.



The Legislative Committee, chaired by Terra Barrett and Casey Orwig, is responsible for the articulation of the Association's views on issues that relate to the state's legislative process. These issues may urge additions to the Code, amendment of existing law, elimination of undesirable or counter productive statutes, or encourage new concepts or directions for Iowa's criminal justice system. This committee monitors the progress of ICA legislative packages and other criminal justice issues through the legislative session; makes presentation to legislative committees as requested, and works with the Department of Corrections to develop the annual ICA Legislative Event and other correctional policy conferences.



This committee, co-chaired by Jason Hawkins and Jason Hute, solicits members for the Association; maintains a list of past and present members; forwards memberships material to new members and notifies members prior to the expiration of their annual membership.  More . . . here



Janet Olson, Jodee Glover and Alicia Caes chair this committee responsible for the design and merchandising of ICA apparel and more!  See some of our merchandise . . . here
Chaired by Michelle Shepherd and Amanda Nesvik, the Multi-cultural Awareness Committee responds to the recognized needs within corrections by educating personnel on the unique problems faced by persons of diverse cultures within the Iowa Corrections System. The Committee's intent is to provide input and training to remedy existing or past discriminatory practices and to prevent future discrimination for Iowa corrections employees and clients.  This committee promotes cultural diversity training and provides speakers to the ICA Conferences.  Meetings are designed for networking and educational purposes.  Library
Chaired by Whitney Mann and Leann Debord, the Nominations Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of candidates to place on the ballot for the annual election of officers and at-large members of the ICA Board of Directors.  The committee solicits candidate suggestions from the general membership and forwards the list of candidates to the Elections Committee for processing.



Co-chaired by Kelly Overton and Karen Chapman, this committee's principle role is to increase the name recognition of ICA.  It engages in activities that allow the organization to further promote itself, and ICA's purpose and goals.  The committee is also used to assist other ICA committees in an auxiliary fashion.

Co-Chaired by Julie Vantiger-Hicks, this committee is responsible for on-site and pre-registration for ICA Conferences and collects monies.  At the end of the conference, the committee distributes copies of registration/membership to appropriate resources.
This committee, co-chaired by Haley Hatrick and Kathy Khommanyvong,  assesses training needs and solicits ideas from the staff of Iowa's correctional institutions, judicial districts, and the Department of Corrections to organize relevant and needed training for ICA members, correctional employees and associated professionals. 


The Vendor Committee, chaired by Terra Barrett and Casey Orwig, meets with our current and potential business partners (through local and national contacts)  to bring their important product information to Iowa.    
The website is an avenue of communication and publicity.  The website co-chairs are Mike Glover and Jason Hute. Contributions from all committees allow the membership to stay informed on activities/events. 


Co-chaired by Cari Hill and Julie Brandt, this committee promotes professional growth for women in Corrections through communication and networking.  It deals with issues that women face daily.  This committee encourages active involvement in legislative as well as political issues concerning women in the criminal justice system.  Meetings include training sessions designed to enhance self growth as well as provide educational resources.


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